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What should I do if the hydraulic cylinder of the excavator leaks oil? See here to know!
Nov . 13 . 2019
I believe that everyone must have encountered the oil leakage of the hydraulic cylinder. For the excavator, once the hydraulic cylinder leaks, there will be a phenomenon of slow lifting and insufficient digging force. Let's start this discussion with this
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How to Search: Pump Shaft Seals Blowing Out
Sep . 20 . 2019
Workers couldn't figure out why the pump shaft seal in their trenching excavator's proportional-valve-controlled hydraulic system would sometimes blow out in cold weather.
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Sealings for hydraulics Cylinder
Sep . 09 . 2019
Machine and cylinder manufacturers are constantly placing higher value on leak-free hydraulic systems. Regardless of the conditions of use, the demand for longevity is of the installed seals is vital.
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Hydraulic Seals Designed for Heavy Duty Mining model hydraulic cylinder
Sep . 08 . 2019
Machines operating in harsh environments often encounter wide swings in pressure and temperature shock loads, and sometimes side loads that present major challenges to seals in hydraulic cylinders. This report outlines the challenges of preventing seal le
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How the hydraulic cylinder works under "high pressure"
Sep . 05 . 2019
Increases in hydraulic-system working pressures make individual component design details even more important.
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